[Bioperl-l] get cds from genbank record

Andreas Bernauer andreas.bernauer at gmx.de
Tue Jan 20 15:11:45 EST 2004

Hi Heikki!

Heikki Lehvaslaiho wrote:
> The other problem you had:
> On Friday 16 Jan 2004 15:39, Pedro Antonio Reche wrote:
> > One more thing, following my first post I got an email from from
> > quarantine at maxstrengthmail.com on behalf of the bioperl mailing list
> > saying that my e-mail was in quarantine, and asking me press a link to
> > get the message deliver. 

> I 've pointed to our server maintainer, Chris,  your problem, but I suspect 
> those warnings about potential spam in your mails do not come from bioperl 
> servers or the way they are set up.

I've got a similar email as Pedro when I sent an email to the
Bioperl-List and was also directed to a website where I should confirm
that I want to set the email.  For me it looked it came from one of
the bioperl mailing list servers.


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