[Bioperl-l] recent spams to bioperl-l

Edward Elhauge ee at uncanny.net
Thu Jan 22 13:31:16 EST 2004

Hi Chris,

Here is my two cents.

Make the list closed for posting.
Make the list archive open to anyone.

I run several Mailman based groups myself and I know that Spam has me
at wits end. Right now I never look at the non-member postings. I
changed Mailman to default the form to Discard for non-member posting
and never look at them. I just discard all of those and then see what is

If you leave the archive open google will still index the list and
people can learn without signing up.

Edward Elhauge

* Chris Dagdigian <dag at sonsorol.org> wrote on [2004-01-22 05:43]:
> Hi folks,
> Just wanted to apologize for the rise in spam going to bioperl-l. Our 
> anti-spam filtering tools on the open-bio.org mailserver generally do a 
> great job weeding out the dozens of messages per day sent to bioperl-l 
> that are obvious spam, but recently there has been a huge rise in 
> plaintext ASCII spam or the hash-busting spam that is nothing but nonsense.
> Spamassassin+MimeDefang and our Mailman spam filters can't easily 
> discern the plaintext spam from regular email messages sent to the list.
> bioperl-l allows non-members to post to the list; this was the consensus 
> behavior that bioperl members wanted the last time we took a poll.
> Let me know if opinions have changed. If we make the list members-only 
> for posting we can significantly cut down on spam. The downside to this 
> is that we (a) make more work for the list moderators and (b) we become 
> 'less open'.
> -Chris
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