[Bioperl-l] Bioperl MAN pages install: where?

Dave NO SPAM Ardell myfirstname-DOT-mylastname at icm.uu.se
Sat Jan 31 09:26:23 EST 2004

Hi again!

I've been confounded trying to reach the documentation by man to the
bioperl modules. On my system at least, they seem not to be installed
anywhere.  That is to say, "man MODULE" doesn't work and
"updatedb;locate MODULE" doesn't reveal anything that is there but
not in my manpath. Anybody else with this problem? Couldn't find  
about it on the web, bioperl archives, or documentation.

I can of course, access the docs through "perldoc MODULE" but without  
I can't query the module listing with "apropos" or "man -k."

After scrutinizing the Makefile.PL and the Makefile, I can't really  
tell what's going
on. The docs imply standard installation should occur, but on my systems
(both linux and Mac OS X), since perhaps bioperl 1.2.3, they seem not  
to be.
I've noticed that the installation output is not like those for  
standard perl
modules, perhaps among other reasons, because a certain variable
NOECHO is defined?

Thanks for your advice-

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