[Bioperl-l] blast/cgi question

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
Thu Jul 1 15:57:57 EDT 2004


What's the blastall error, exactly? Remember that your CGI script may be
executing as 'nobody' or 'apache' and these users may have none of the
environmental variables that blastall needs, you may need to explicitly set
them in your CGI script.

Brian O.

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  I am new to Bioperl. Now I need to work on a website
that accepts a sequence from users and then a BioPerl script blast it
against a local db and prints out the result. The problem is my BioPerl
cgi script works fine locally (I set the params through commandline) but
doesn't work through web(error msg: blastall call crashed...). Do you
happen to know how to solve this?

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