[Bioperl-l] Automating a fasta sequence submission

Stuart Gillies gillies82 at hotmail.com
Tue Jul 6 06:53:04 EDT 2004

Hi, im pretty new to perl, and so i apologoes in advance for being a novice.

i was hoping someone would help me woth a little task i have to do:

I have a text file containing over 50 fasta sequences, i need a perl program 
to :

1- open the text file, reading through it, for each fasta sequence (the 
start is indicated by a > symbol) i need to do the following
2 - copy the sequence into an online submission form (similar to a blast 
submission form)
3 - hit the submit button
4 - retrieve the results from then following results page, preferably adding 
to a text file, so i end up with over 500 results on one text file.

any help would be great

stuart gillies
university if liverpool

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