[Bioperl-l] tempdir() issues in regular perl.

Victor Weike Xin (Houston) Weike.Xin at channelinx.com
Thu Jul 15 11:31:49 EDT 2004

Hi Jason, 

I have got the following error message:
Error in tempdir() using /tmp/XXXXXXXXXX: Could not create directory
/tmp/qpFBwIo1sH: Too many links at ./Archive.pl line 684

use File::Temp qw/ tempdir tempfile /; is used.

Code at line 684:    my $dir = tempdir(CLEANUP=>1); 

O/S redhat liunx.7.3
Langauage: regular perl

Can I install bioperl-1.4.tar.gz and will it confilict with regular perl?

Thank you for your help.

Weike Xin

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