[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics Description layout question

Agrin, Nathan Nathan.Agrin at umassmed.edu
Fri Jul 16 10:19:26 EDT 2004

Thanks for the help,

Using the -key_style=>'right' seems to work on some tests I ran, but as
soon as I feed -key the function " sub { $des =
$feature->each_tag_value('description'), "$description"; } " it stops
working.  I can feed the -key something like sub { return "test" } and
it works fine.  I've been really frustrated trying to deal with this and
any help is appreciated.

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I believe you need:


as an option to


But then you need to have:


as well, such that $padright is big enough to fit the keys

See the poddoc for Bio::Graphics::Panel...


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>Is there anyway to get the bioperl graphics package to draw the
>descriptions for the tracks to the right of the tracks?  I've seen
>something like this done with a browser developed by JGI.  Here is the
>link to an example:

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