[Bioperl-l] Bioperl support for AGAVE xml

Simon K. Chan skchan at cs.usask.ca
Mon Jul 19 12:32:03 EDT 2004


Is there currently any support for the AGAVE xml format in bioperl?

Section III.7.7 of the bptutorial specifies that there is some support for
AGAVE, but I have been unable to locate this support.

There is a Bio::SeqIO::agave.pm module located here

According to the bioperl/biojava mailing list archives, the above code was
submitted to the lists for comments/suggestions in 2001, but it appears that
nothing much has happened since.

I have modified some of the methods in the module to suit my needs, but would
like to know what else is out there in terms of bioperl support.

Many thanks for any comments/suggestions.


Warmest Regards,
Simon K. Chan
Bioinformatics, Crosby Lab
skchan at cs.usask.ca

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