[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics funkiness

Josh Lauricha laurichj at bioinfo.ucr.edu
Wed Jul 21 11:40:16 EDT 2004

For lack of a good word to describe the problem, I'm using Bio::Graphics
to display multiple alignments. But, as these get a little long (some
consist of >1000 sequences), I run into a problem like this:

--- ---  - - - -
   -   -- - - - - 

Where that is one track (one sequence) of type graded_segments. I would
like them to show up on a single "line". I am guessing that the little
black border around them is wider than the gap it is trying to show. How
would I force them to be on the same line? The goal is to give an Idea
of how the multiple alignment looks.



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