[Bioperl-l] Getting all thae matrices from transfac

gtg974p at mail.gatech.edu gtg974p at mail.gatech.edu
Thu Jun 3 14:04:40 EDT 2004

Hi all,
Can someone tell me how to get all the matrices from Local TRANSFAC. The 
get_MatrixSet() module works only for Jaspar. I need something like -- 

my $db =  TFBS::DB::FlatFileDir->connect("$jaspardir");
my $matrixset = $newdb->get_MatrixSet(-matrixtype=>"PFM");
my $mx_iterator = $matrixset->Iterator(-sort_by=>'name');
printf("\n %-10s%15s%25s \n",'MatrixID','Name','Length');
while(my $pfm = $mx_iterator->next())
    printf(" %-10s%15s%25s \n", $pfm->ID, $pfm->name, $pfm->length);

for getting all the matrices from TRANSFAC.

Thanks in advance.

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