[Bioperl-l] do i have to install ?

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
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The short answer is yes, you should install all of Bioperl. The alternative
to Activestate and PPM on Windows is Cygwin and its Perl, if you really
can't get your PPM to work you may want to take a look at the INSTALL.WIN
document, Cygwin is described there. Cygwin is easy if you have some
familiarity with Unix, or you may choose this route if you want to learn a
bit about Unix without much extra effort. Cygwin's an emulator, not real
Unix, it's not going to mess with your file system or affect the existing
OS. If you're not familiar with Unix or interested in Unix it may not appeal
to you.

Brian O.

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hi all,

well,since my task is to blast and get only certain things like accession
no.,query and subjt range,identities and corresponding %,i think i need only
searchIOand SEQIO modules of bioperl for now........

can i get only these two modules?

actually,my ppm is giving problem and it is not installing anything.......
so ,can i just get these modules and incorporate into my script?
is that possible?

please help!!


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