[Bioperl-l] Any new tutorials or teaching materials lately?

Mark Wilkinson mwilkinson at mrl.ubc.ca
Fri Jun 11 12:39:10 EDT 2004

Hi BioPerlers!

I haven't been following the list as rigourously as I used to, but next
week I am teaching a half-day BioPerl workshop and I was wondering if
there were any new BioPerl teaching materials that have become available
in the past year?  I'm currently going over what I taught last year, and
it is still ~OK, but if there are cool tools that have been added to
BioPerl this past year, and are showcased in some tutorial somewhere,
I'd be interested in polishing up my lecture notes to bring them up to
date with the latest toys.  It's difficult because this class consists
mostly of Perl newbies, so even the most basic BioPerl is pretty hard
for them... but seeing something difficult being made simple gives them
a lot of incentive to push further on their own! :-)

Cheers all!


Mark Wilkinson (mwilkinson at mrl.ubc.ca)
University of British Columbia iCAPTURE Centre

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