[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics - Is there anyway of having multipletop-level glyphs overlaying each other

Crabtree, Jonathan crabtree at tigr.org
Fri Jun 18 11:40:34 EDT 2004


> Is there anyway of having multiple top-level glyphs 
> overlaying each other? If so, that would make drawing protein 
> domains a lot easier.

Sure, just set "-bump => 0" when you create the track (see attached code
and png).  The only problems with this approach are 1. the use of a
whitespace label to center the 'line' glyph correctly and 2. since bump
== 0 there's nothing to stop the labels of the domain glyphs from
overlapping if the domains are close together (but this is an inherent
drawback of the particular layout you want to achieve.)

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