[Bioperl-l] Getting Co-ordinates in Bio::Graphics::Panel

Adam Woolfe awoolfe at rfcgr.mrc.ac.uk
Wed May 5 14:07:04 EDT 2004

Im trying to get the co-ordinates of glyphs on each track drawn using

i know from CPAN documentation that you can use the boxes() function as

@coords = $panel->boxes();

but I have a whole set of glyphs on several tracks which I would like to
get the coordinates for. Here is an example of one of the tracks I would
like to get coordinates for.

#create a new Panel object
	my $panel = Bio::Graphics::Panel->new(-length => $seqlength,
					      -width  =>1000,
                                              -pad_left => 10,
                                              -pad_right => 10,
				              -pad_top => 10,
				              -pad_bottom => 10);

my $org1track = $panel->add_track(-glyph => 'graded_segments',
                              -label  => 1,
                              -bgcolor => 'blue',
                              -min_score => 0,
                              -max_score => 100,
			      -key =>'Org1');

#each glyph is drawn on the track
foreach $glyph.... {

		$org1object =



I want the coordinates for each of those features I added to the
$org1track track. I tried using:

@coords = $org1track->boxes();

but that didnt work. How can I achieve this?



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