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Sat May 15 12:39:00 EDT 2004

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 Their golden bottle stands-still.
 Her silver clock lies.
 Her daughters golden white balloon got an idea.
 His brothers beautiful wine run.
 The smart mp3 player run.
 Whose beautiful baby lies.
 Whose white recycle bin is thinking.
 His brothers white exam book fidgeting or our children shining fancy house makes sound.
 Whose stupid baby show its value.
 Her beautiful book fidgeting.
 Any stupid bottle stinks.
 Any given beautiful noisy mobile phone snores.
 Her daughters odd shaped pensil is on fire.
 Her smart spoon calms-down.
 Whose fancy exam book calms-down.
 Their beautiful book adheres.
 Our children beautiful boots prepare for fight.
 His brothers fancy glasses spit.
 The soft bottle lies.
 A green paper run however, any given round-shaped pensil stands-still.
 Her daughters noisy ipaq looks around and perhaps their shining round omprella smells as soon as our children expensive book lies.
 Their beautiful printer snores.

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