[Bioperl-l] file format change

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
Mon May 17 08:43:49 EDT 2004


The PDB format is not currently supported by the SeqIO module, so there's no
way to convert fasta to PDB. This is not entirely surprising since PDB was
created to supply 3-D structures but the fasta format, being so simple,
cannot supply information like this. If you take a look at the bptutorial
e_files_(seqio)) or inside the Bio/SeqIO directory you will see which file
formats are supported.

Brian O.

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Hi Everyone:

Is it possible to change the format of a fasta file to a pdb format?  I can
change the file format from a swiss prot to a fast format but cannot change
from a fasta to a pdb one.  I would appreciate if, assuming it is possible,
someone can help in this regard.


Sujoy Paul
Sujoy Paul, PRISE Centre, UniS, s.paul at surrey.ac.uk

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