[Bioperl-l] file format change

S.Paul s.paul at surrey.ac.uk
Mon May 17 19:18:31 EDT 2004

Thanks Brian.

Sorry, I missed the statement in the tutorial

Sujoy Paul, PRISE Centre, UniS, s.paul at surrey.ac.uk
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> Sujoy,
> The PDB format is not currently supported by the SeqIO module, so there's
> way to convert fasta to PDB. This is not entirely surprising since PDB was
> created to supply 3-D structures but the fasta format, being so simple,
> cannot supply information like this. If you take a look at the bptutorial
> e_files_(seqio)) or inside the Bio/SeqIO directory you will see which file
> formats are supported.
> Brian O.
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> Hi Everyone:
> Is it possible to change the format of a fasta file to a pdb format?  I
> change the file format from a swiss prot to a fast format but cannot
> from a fasta to a pdb one.  I would appreciate if, assuming it is
> someone can help in this regard.
> Thanks
> Sujoy Paul
> Sujoy Paul, PRISE Centre, UniS, s.paul at surrey.ac.uk
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