[Bioperl-l] Help with GD module

steve steve at jagat.com.my
Mon May 17 22:21:10 EDT 2004

Dear Todd Harris;
  I have problems using GD module. 
I have tried calling GD module using a simple cgi script, and it worked. But then, I tried on a more complicated script, where this script processes questions population, it will display characters like below, instead of bar charts. 

‰PNG  IHDRhžÈgPLTEÿÿÿÿ¿ÿÿÿx½ftRNS@æØf 4IDATxœí][–«*í)ä£Fªœ;íü§rÃCåU@)L³ÏI' Åf ÈÏJáÇù…ÄÐ…¶iá"%Çò@Ñ&Äâ¹@–vü¸4—Òôœhþ8) ‹g³[1][1][1][1][1]Ç\Vhà¸ÅàÆ’x£‹'V¨‚šè·–.œk{Êh‑c]Û:¬¤ dbà¸@Ö¥ÔÒ%iSº'ªàÜ@ðøí“åxpýOÿrïê ¸¶+CóŽ‹´#Ä(ù!ZC½÷ |HˆÑöQøÇækÁ—i>µe ¹ˆ)„Âw ‘ö½¢ä4§.»°oÆcöG@°ZÁ,jç÷G>¡&0_Á2¦Ñ0…Œ†)d4L!£a  Þøˆžá¤vÝþüêi6¼ñ‘m÷†Ï¯žæÃÍÔ=D)¤þõÜ
‰œnŒÆuL!£a  SÈh˜BFÃ2¾^ÆBÂãpçºÂqïàÒBdâiüc…< ô5ò0Ôqv#Q¿ä±ËŠþ•9–¾¹ÙŸå8–~pfO¬Bð^dœ‚S#D-ØGÜ·9TÃZb{7š¼ï‚dŽM =ÌM$ŽcÌ›[!NpDÆY at Y'Dª)›NÄQØ÷*¬Þ± Ý¥oŽ©cFpz%72L!áNBá.>…ãÐüZp‰mþÔÅþL!£aD!H-2ÊaX!ˆÛ+ùë0¨õ_VG0¢¡N ªû[΍(Ä€¹ßÜÿ„Š¸©o00’IEND®B`‚


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