[Bioperl-l] Re: help with perl script

Heikki Lehvaslaiho heikki at ebi.ac.uk
Wed May 26 08:06:30 EDT 2004


I do not have such s script. 

Richard Adams has been working on codon usage tables in bioperl. He might have 

The probelm is not too hard: Bio::Tools::CodonTable knows how to reverse 
translate an amino acid:

  @codons = $myCodonTable->revtranslate('A');

Bio::DB::CUTG knows how to retrieve a Bio::CodonUsage::Table over the net. One 
just has to decide what rules to follow to select the codon and concatenate 
them into a sequence object sequence string. A new method into Bio::SeqUtils 
on its way?


On Tuesday 25 May 2004 16:51, you wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering if you have a perl script for reverse translation of
> amino acid sequences to a specific codon usage table.  If so, would it
> be possible for me to borrow it?  Thank you very much!
> Josh Herbeck
> University of Washington

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