[Bioperl-l] aminoacid properties of a sequence

luisa pugliese luisa.pugliese at safan-bioinformatics.it
Fri May 28 03:13:54 EDT 2004

 Hi bioperlers,
     I am looking for a method to link somehow the residue number present in
 the pdb file to the aminoacids of its sequence, so that when I put the
 sequence into an alignment and I slice the alignment, I can retrieve which
 are the residue numbers of the aminoacid present in the sliced alignment.
 Does anybody knows if there is a clean method to do this instead of writing
 some perl code?
 Thank you to all
 Luisa Pugliese, Ph.D.
 luisa.pugliese at safan-bioinformatics.it
 Corso Tazzoli 215/13 -10137 Torino - ITALY
 tel +39 011 3026230
 cell. +39 333 6130644

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