[Bioperl-l] Bio::Seq::Meta::Array method

luisa pugliese luisa.pugliese at safan-bioinformatics.it
Mon May 31 06:46:25 EDT 2004

Hi Bioperlers,
    I found the  Bio::Seq::Meta::Array method that should  implements
generic methods for sequences with residue-based meta information. Since I
would like to link somehow the residue number of a pdb file to the residues
of its sequence, I thought I got the right method. I tested it with the
example reported in the synopsis, but I didn't understand what should I do
in order to see the link between each residue and the corresponding meta
I wonder if some of you might be so kind to help me in understanding if I
picked the right method and what should I do in order to visualize the link
between each residue and the related meta information.
Thatk you
Luisa Pugliese, Ph.D.
luisa.pugliese at safan-bioinformatics.it
Corso Tazzoli 215/13 -10137 Torino - ITALY
tel +39 011 3026230
cell. +39 333 6130644

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