[Bioperl-l] local blast

Nathan Haigh nathanhaigh at ukonline.co.uk
Fri Nov 5 08:21:41 EST 2004

I have a website setup to run local blasts on the server (windows) using the latest CVS BioPerl but I keep getting the following
error, which seems to just stop Perl in it's tracks:

ERROR: Subroutine new redefined at I:/Programming/Perl/Perl5.8.0/site/lib/Bio/Search/Result/GenericResult.pm line 162,
<GEN0> line 1.

It seems that when Bio::SearchIO::IteratedSearchResultEventBuilder make the following call (line 132):
       -type      => 'Bio::Search::Result::BlastResult',
       -interface => 'Bio::Search::Result::ResultI'));

It results in Bio::Root::Root evaluating (line 396) the following (where $load = Bio\Search\Result\BlastResult.pm):
require $load;

and then it just seems to stop, throwing the error shown above! It appears that Bio\Search\Result\GenericResult.pm was loaded the
last time this subroutine was called. Could this be ActiveState Perl being over cautious when it is evaluated a second time around?
Does anyone have any ideas for solutions?

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