[Bioperl-l] (no subject)

Ying Sun Ying.Sun at ebc.uu.se
Tue Nov 16 09:41:46 EST 2004

Dear there:
I am the beginner for using Bio::DB::GFF module. So, I have some questions about
I used bp_genbank2gff.pl to convert genbank file to gff file. 
And then I try to load gff file into Database.My script is as follows:

use Bio::DB::GFF;
my $db=Bio::DB::GFF->new(-adaptor=>'dbi::mysqlopt',

Firstly, I create my database: ying. And then try to load gff file into
database. But it doesn't work. So,  I wonder something wrong with my script.
Hope someone can help me.
Thanks a lot!

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