[Bioperl-l] argument checking

Nathan (Nat) Goodman nathan at hddrugworks.org
Fri Oct 1 10:50:42 EDT 2004

> I think Class::Contract is the best declarative-style 
> approach, 

Yeah, that's another good one.  

> but would require significant architectural changes 
> to use it in BioPerl (I expect; happy to have someone prove me wrong).

I'm sure it would be a lot of work to retrofit existing code (and why bother
-- the existing code already works, right :), but it might make sense to add
this capability for people who are writing new code and want to use it.
FYI, Class::AutoClass is designed to coexist nicely with BioPerl (although,
the CPAN distro may not play well with BioPerl out of the box because we had
to include some functionality already present in BioPerl's Root to avoid a
CPAN-dependence on BioPerl).  So, if people want to try out some argument
checking methods, this may offer an easy venue to do so.  


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