[Bioperl-l] make test!!

James Thompson tex at biosysadmin.com
Fri Oct 15 00:06:17 EDT 2004


I've just finished making test with BIOPERLDEBUG=1 on my
Solaris 8 / Perl 5.8.5 machine, here are the (filtered) results:

All tests successful, 2 subtests skipped.
Files=192, Tests=8772, 611 wallclock secs (431.95 cusr + 26.58 csys = 458.53 CPU)

I'll try testing this on a Linux machine when I get back on Monday. Can you
give me a target date for the 1.5 release so that I can plan out my next
couple of weeks? 


James Thompson
RIT Bioinformatics

On Thu, 14 Oct 2004, Aaron J. Mackey wrote:

> I've had only a very few people send me feedback about the current 
> state of bioperl-live "make test" on your favorite 
> old/crotchety/obscure platforms.  I'm writing the Change log and 
> thinking about branching, but I'm an experimentalist, I need data!
> Get a bioperl-live HEAD checkout, do a "cvs update -PAd" to make sure 
> you have everything, "make distclean" if you've built from the cvs 
> checkout before, and start from scratch with the usual litany: perl 
> Makefile.PL; make; [setenv BIOPERLDEBUG 1;] make test; email Aaron.
> Setting BIOPERLDEBUG is very noisy, but it's the end result I care 
> about, not so much all the verbiage (unless there's specific verbiage 
> related to the end result ...)
> Thanks,
> -Aaron
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