[Bioperl-l] data structure returned from tribeMCL

Michael Bradley mebradley at chem.ufl.edu
Fri Oct 15 14:22:04 EDT 2004

After running the Bio::Tools::Run::TribeMCL module I am unable to
dereference the data structure returned. The following example given in
the module's documentation does not seem to work for me. 
my $fact = Bio::Tools::Run::TribeMCL->new(@params);
  # Run the program
  # returns an array reference to clusters where members are the ids
  # for example :2 clusters with 3 members per cluster:
  #  $fam = [ [mem1 mem2 mem3],[mem1 mem2 mem3]]
  # pass in either the blastfile path/searchio obj/the array ref to
  my $fam = $fact->run($sio); 
  # print out your clusters
for (my $i = 0; $i <scalar(@{$fam}); $i++){
    print "Cluster $i \t ".scalar(@{$fam->[$i]})." members\n";
    foreach my $member (@{$fam->[$i]}){
      print "\t$member\n";
I would greatly appreciate any advice 
Michael E. Bradley

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