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Stefan Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Sat Oct 16 11:41:29 EDT 2004


Brian Osborne wrote:

>I took a look at AlignIO/meme.pm and fixed some obvious problems but I think
>it's possible that the file used in the tests, t/data/meme.dat, may not have
>all the information I need to debug the module (and I don't have meme
I don't think there were tests for AlignIO/meme.pm. Anyway id there are 
I am not able to find these. t/data/meme.dat is a test file for 
Bio/Matrix/PSM/IO/meme.pm. But as this is presumably the same format 
AlignIO/meme.pm should read....

> Question: is "strand" ever stipulated in the meme output file?
>There's no "+" or "-" indicated in meme.dat. This file is the result of an
>analysis of DNA, so I'm a bit surprised not to see some indication of strand
>(and the code, before I modified it, was using a regexp that attempted to
>capture strand information). Can you enlighten me here? Here's one of the
>relevant sections:
>Sequence name             Start   P-value                      Site
>-------------             ----- ---------            -----------------------
>6603                       1311  2.59e-15 GGCGCATTGA
>83796                      1284  2.59e-15 GGAGGATTGA
>20218                       938  6.34e-12 TTTTTGGTAA
>10657                      1685  8.70e-12 GGCCCGCGCG
>Perhaps when one runs meme with DNA one can tell it to just do 1 strand,
>rather than both?
You are quite right on this. I had somewhere an example with strands... 
I'll find it (or regenrate it) ASAP and send it to you. I will try to 
rewrite the tests for meme (other one) for the new test file.

> This would explain the absence of strand information, but
>it means the regexp changes depending on this mode. Again, I don't have meme
>or use meme, so you're going to have to tell me, or send me output files
>with and without strand stipulation.
>Brian O.
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>I wonder if anyone uses *Bio::AlignIO::meme*. Last time (year ago) it
>did not work for me and I have not seen anyone committing changes....
>Brian Osborne wrote:
>>Any objections to my adding Bio::Tools::RestrictionEnzyme to the DEPRECATED
>>file? It was replaced by Bio::Restriction a while ago.
>>Along the same lines, is there anything else that should be deprecated?
>>Brian O.
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