[Bioperl-l] make test failures

Aaron J. Mackey amackey at pcbi.upenn.edu
Wed Oct 20 14:35:38 EDT 2004

Thanks to all of you who sent me test failures (and successes); looks 
like we're in pretty good shape on most common platforms (Index.t and 
Registry.t on Windows).  I was disturbed by three independent failures 
of the test harness to complete its final report on test failures (i.e. 
it said "all tests passed" or somesuch, but then make' shell died with 
a 255 error code before the table of failed tests could be output).  Is 
anyone else seeing this and have some wise words?  It's an upsetting 
showstopper because even though all tests pass, CPAN wouldn't install 
with the error code coming back from make test.


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