[Bioperl-l] remove from the mailing list

Chris Dagdigian dag at sonsorol.org
Fri Sep 3 11:14:43 EDT 2004

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There are 1300+ people subscribed to this list and manually responding 
to requests like this takes valuable time away from our volunteer 

Especially when:

  o Every message sent to the list includes a link to the membership 
management page where you can easily unsubscribe yourself faster than I 
can do it through the admin interface.

  o You recieved an email at the first of this month (3 days ago) 
containing your list management password and a direct link to your 
personal list settings page.

I can't think of a way for us to make it easier or more obvious. Should 
you ever join this list (or any other) again please realize that just 
about every modern mailing list software system in common use includes 
trivially easy methods for the user him/herself to handle common list 
subscriber settings and preferences.

You've been removed BTW.


satyanarayana devaraju wrote:

> please remove the id    satya_likesyou at hotmail.com from this mailing list
> thank you,
> satya

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