[Bioperl-l] [Fwd: fixed bug... how do I submit the code?]

Stefan A Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Thu Sep 9 16:26:48 EDT 2004

This bug was fixed few months ago by Jason Stajich and me. It is in
bioperl-live and it's been there for a long time. I also added this to the
bug report.

Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 11:29:40 -0700
From: Martin Suchorolski <msuchoro at fhcrc.org>
To: dag at sonsorol.org
Subject: fixed bug... how do I submit the code?

I just fixed a bug(#1693) and would like to commit the change to your
CVS archive.

How do I do this? Is there a process by which the fix needs to be
reviewed?  I am attaching the fixed code (Bio/Matrix/PSM/IO/meme.pm) ,
if this is only allowed by Bioperl developers


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