[Bioperl-l] pad individual tracks using panel

Simon McGowan simon.mcgowan at molecular-medicine.oxford.ac.uk
Wed Sep 15 04:37:31 EDT 2004

Following some feedback here, I should also say that this is for
illustrative purposes only and not to produce a meaningful alignment of any
kind. Its needed by the users here who want some figures for papers. 
Would I have to alter all the coordinates for the features in the track, or
is there a shortcut involving -add_track?

Thanks, Simon 

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Subject: [Bioperl-l] pad individual tracks using panel

After reading in the features of two GenBank files using Bio::SeqIO, I am
attempting to render them as a single image using Bio::Graphics::Panel. My
question is, is there a way to pad all the coordinates of a single track by
a given amount? This would allow me to produce a very basic alignment by
lining up the contents of two tracks at a common feature within both files.
I can pad the entire panel using '-offset', and I guess I need a similar
option for '-add_track'. Could someone please let me know if this is

Thanks, Simon

Simon McGowan
Computational Biology Research Group
University of Oxford  OX1 3RE

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