[Bioperl-l] Build New SwissProt Seq

Brian Osborne brian_osborne at cognia.com
Thu Sep 16 08:37:36 EDT 2004


Hmm. Your sequence has a "j" in it, remove that and see if the error goes

Brian O.

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yes i am seeing error;

my output;
------------- EXCEPTION  -------------
MSG:  Alphabet not OK for

STACK Bio::Tools::SeqStats::_is_alphabet_strict
STACK Bio::Tools::SeqStats::get_mol_wt
STACK Bio::SeqIO::swiss::write_seq
STACK main::update_database search10.pl:428
STACK toplevel search10.pl:44

author:someone match1:PF000123 e-7.2 match2:PF002534
e-7.2 new:1 sillytag:this is silly!

this only my file output;

ID   BIO52          STANDARD;      PRT;   19 AA.
AC   unknown;
CC   this looks like a good TATA box
FT   repeat       10    100       .

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