[Bioperl-l] Bio:;Annotation::Reference;

hafiz hafiz khufaz83 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 18 02:07:02 EDT 2004

Hello , everybody can help me, i want to buid a new
sequence in swissprot but i have some trouble with my

This is my souces code;

#for feature
my $feat = new Bio::SeqFeature::Generic(-start
=>10,-end => 22, -strand =>1,

#for seq, ID ,AC, alphabet.
my $seq_obj =Bio::Seq
=>'X78121',-alphabet => 'dna',-is_circular => 1); );



#for comment
my $comment =Bio::Annotation::Comment->new;
$comment->text("this looks like a good TATA box");
my $coll =new Bio::Annotation::Collection;

    $reg = Bio::Annotation::Reference->new( -title =>
'title line',
=> 'location line',
=> 'author line',
=> 998122 );


my $io= Bio::SeqIO ->new(-format =>"swiss",-file =>
$io ->write_seq($seq_obj);

My output;

------------- EXCEPTION  -------------
MSG: object of class Bio::Annotation::Reference does
not implement Bio::AnnotationCollectionI. Too bad.
STACK Bio::Seq::annotation
STACK main::update_database search10.pl:428
STACK toplevel search10.pl:46


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