[Bioperl-l] Problem with Bio::DB::GFF

Gathman, Allen agathman at semo.edu
Fri Apr 8 10:13:33 EDT 2005

Hello all - 


Although this problem arises in the context of Gbrowse, I'm pretty sure it's
more of a straight bioperl question.  

I'm trying to pull specific features out of a database that I'm using to run
Gbrowse, using the tools in Bio::DB::GFF.  Here's a test program:




use Bio::DB::GFF;

my $db=Bio::DB::GFF->new(-adaptor => 'dbi::mysql',

                         -dsn     =>

                         -fasta   => '/gbrowse/databases/cc'


$outfile= $ARGV[0];

open (OUT, ">$outfile");

@gfeat=$db->features(-attributes => {-Gene => 'lcc1'});

print OUT "Genes: @gfeat\n";

foreach $feat (@gfeat){

    print OUT "Start is " . $feat->start . "\n";


close OUT; 


When I run this script, the output file says:





And that's it.  No features are returned.  A gff file loaded into the
ccsmall database using load_gff.pl has this first line:


ccin_Contig34     CURATED_PRIVATE   mRNA  64853 68924 .     -     .     Gene
lcc1; Eval 0.0; Lab Kues


So it would appear that the attribute -Gene => 'lcc1' should pull out
something - but obviously I'm missing something here, because it doesn't.  


I wrote another script that uses the get_seq_stream method, and it pulls out
this gene, among others.  I've been able to get at the 'lcc1' by looking at
$f->group for each feature in the stream: 


$gefeat=$db->get_seq_stream(-type => ['mRNA:CURATED_PRIVATE']);

while ($f=$gefeat->next_seq) { 


       if ($group='lcc1') { bla bla bla }



But this is sort of (well, okay, REALLY) clumsy.


So my question is, what am I doing wrong with the "features" method?  I'd
really prefer to be able to get at features by name if possible.  And for
that matter, if I wanted to get at them by Eval or Lab, I'm not sure what
would do that at all. 


Thanks for any suggestions you can make --




Allen Gathman



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