[Bioperl-l] overloading of methods and ptkdb

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gnf.org
Fri Apr 8 20:28:24 EDT 2005

I'm overdue on this, which I guess isn't a surprise.

I had a conversation with Aaron and as the first step I'll follow his 
suggestion to write up test cases that clearly define the required 
behaviour and changing the test case to make them succeed if they don't 
otherwise will not be an option.

If the refactored code can't be fixed in a reasonable manner (i.e., w/o 
black magic) to meet the tests all the SeqFeatureI and related 
refactoring will be rolled back on the main trunk.

If the tests can be met I'll still have an uneasy feeling but given the 
facts will have to give for that part.

The performance concerns are still valid I think but we should revisit 
those separately then.

If you can identify the statement(s) in ptkdb (WTHIT?) that throw the 
error I can incorporate those into those tests. Or you add appropriate 
ones yourself.


On Apr 8, 2005, at 5:12 PM, Stefan Kirov wrote:

> By the way what is the state of the == overloading in 
> Bio::Annotation:: (there was a discussion few weeks ago)? It breaks 
> ptkdb and need it for certain things....
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