[Bioperl-l] Re: Entrez gene parser code

Stefan Kirov skirov at UTK.EDU
Tue Apr 12 14:30:24 EDT 2005

You can use WinCVS to get the source code. You cannot add CVS repository 
as a PPM, they are not compatible. You can try cygwin or manually 
putting the bioperl code (which will be a major pain) in the right 
places (C:\Perl\site\lib is the usual I think).

Colin Erdman wrote:

>I am between Linux installs right now and actually running win32 with the
>ActiveState Perl install... How does one add the cvs.open-bio.org repository
>to the PPM console list to search through it and install the bioperl-live
>packages etc? I don't see a comparable cvs command within it.
>This is all new to me and I appreciate the help!
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>Stefan Kirov wrote:
>>In order for this parser to work you need to get 
>>GI::Parser::Entrezgene from sourceforge. You can get the address for 
>>this module from the perl doc of entrezgene: perldoc 
>I just want to add that I will be adding GI::Parser::EntrezGene to cpan 
>in a few days, and most likely the name space will switch to Bio::ASN1 
>(therefore it'd be Bio::ASN1::EntrezGene) based on PAUSE admin suggestion.

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