[Bioperl-l] Entrez Gene ASN.1 solution

Colin Erdman cerdman2 at du.edu
Wed Apr 13 17:35:11 EDT 2005

Thanks Mingyi. I was indeed looking for the 'live' status. The
$seqobj->{_status} gives me the RefSeq status for the gene (I think) which
will keep me entertained enough for the moment... Please excuse my slips and
overlaps in terminology. I am a mere undergrad still soaking up all of the
molecular biology and bioinformatics/programming fundamentals!

Stefan: How would one go about accessing the Cluster object for the
entrezgene to get at the Accession numbers? I am familiar with doing this
for Unigene files. Is it similar? Would I just be able to use:

$stream = Bio::ClusterIO->new('-file' => $file,

				      '-format' => "entrezgene");

To initially access the entrezgene objects and then break those down into
Seq objects for acc# etc retrieval?

Many Thanks,

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I just want to add that if you're looking for the Entrez Gene status 
('live', 'secondary', or 'discontinued') in track-info, I believe it's 
in uncaptured data.  Stafan, could you provide the access to Entrez Gene 
status ({'track-info'}->[0]->{status}) in your next update too?



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