[Bioperl-l] Bio::Graphics::Glyph::triangle

Horvath Tamas hota.fin at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 18 11:09:50 EDT 2005

I have some problems with the triangle glyph. When I don't specify any
orientation to the glyph, it stretches nicely. However, if I do specify,
it only drows isoceles triangles. (with E or W orientation).  Can I
overcome this problem?


Actually, I found the problem:
the original codein the 'sub draw_component':

elsif($orient eq 
   elsif($orient eq 

the $p has to be changed to ($q*2)

Then it creates nicely stretched triangles. However, it might be more 
convenient to use an  other type of glyph, like:


but I don't know how to create it. Do we have this kind of glyph?


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