[Bioperl-l] Entrezgene parser: new parser available from sourceforge (attached too) (fwd)

Stefan Kirov skirov at utk.edu
Mon Apr 18 10:47:44 EDT 2005

I will put the tests, but I am a bit busy this week. I will try to do it 
on Friday or during the weekend.

Brian Osborne wrote:

>Unless I've missed something it seems that someone needs to add a test for
>this new parser, the best place would be t/SeqIO.t. Could you add a
>mini-Entrez Gene file to t/data as a first step? I'm assuming that such a
>thing exists...
>Thanks again,
>Brian O.
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>As often happens, NCBI introduced some small, but interesting changes to
>their ASN entrezgene format. Therefore Mingyi had to change the underlying
>low level parser. Anyone who uses his parser direcly will have to update.
>This will also delay the release of the first version of the bioperl
>entrezgene parser, which I anticipated to be on Thursday. I still hope I
>will commit the code on Friday.
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>Subject: new parser available from sourceforge (attached too)
>Hi, Stefan,
>I attached the new version to this email.  Unfortunately as expected,
>the new version is much slower due to the use of lookahead regexes
>(needed to accomodate the meaningless/buggy changes NCBI introduced).
>About 30% slower in my test.  Still can't find a good reason why they
>introduced those 3 different types of changes.  Can't be one bug.
>Anyways.  Thanks for letting me know so early!
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