[Bioperl-l] survey: perl version

Hilmar Lapp hlapp at gmx.net
Sun Apr 24 20:04:12 EDT 2005

(Trigger for this survey is that we have at least one regex construct 
in the code that is unsupported on perl 5.005 and earlier, i.e., perl 
actually complains about the construct itself, yet this has not been 
reported before AFAIK.)

For coding and installation requirements it'd be good to know which 
perl version people are using bioperl with. Specifically, is anybody 
still using bioperl under perl 5.005 or earlier. Please also respond if 
you use perl 5.6.0.

If the impression is that nobody depends on perl 5.005 anymore then we 
may as well decide to increment the required version of perl from the 
next release on. (It is 5.005 right now.)

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