[Bioperl-l] different label colours

Horvath Tamas hota.fin at freemail.hu
Thu Apr 28 08:24:44 EDT 2005

I'm trying to use different label colours in one single track, but the  
'sub {}' does not work for the '-fontcolor' option. Is there a solution? 
If not yet, where should I look over the code, to implement it?



-fontcolor => sub { my $feature = shift;
                                         return 'red' if 
$feature->primary_tag =~ /mudr/i;
                                         return 'blue' if 
$feature->primary_tag =~ /zn_finger/i;
                                         return 'orange' if 
$feature->primary_tag =~ /repeat/i;
                                         return 'green' if 
$feature->primary_tag eq 'exon';
this is how it looks like, but the label color is consistently black 
(though if I explicitly use -fontcolor => 'green' then the label is 
green indeed)

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