[Bioperl-l] [OT] ISO guide to human genomics DBs

Horvath, Monica (NIH/NIEHS) horvathm at niehs.nih.gov
Mon Aug 22 17:32:53 EDT 2005

If I were you, I would find yourself a copy of the database issue of NAR--
usually in January of each year.

Also, I would check out all of the gene symbol/mappings provided as options
(e.g. ensmart) or tables within the ensembl and ucsc genome browser
systems-- this would give you an idea of the type of mappings typically
desired by biologists.

I would make your application as flexible as possible to accept additional
code portions to accommodate new identification schemes because this stuff
changes constantly.

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Hi!  Does anyone know of a high-level guide to the various Human
genomics databases?  Basically, I want to make my software as flexible
as possible regarding the kinds of human gene identifiers it will
recognize, but I'm having a hard time figuring out the various naming
schemes.  I'm (vaguely) aware of

  "gene symbols" (e.g. GHC1_HUMAN)
  "gi numbers"

though I'm not sure these are strictly comparable.  (Am I missing any
major ones?)

>From what I've seen at sites like http://harvester.embl.de it looks
like a huge mess, but maybe this is only a reflection of my ignorance.
Any pointers would be much appreciated!


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