[Bioperl-l] Strange result

Barry Moore barry.moore at genetics.utah.edu
Wed Aug 24 08:47:10 EDT 2005

Show us the code that produced this result.


thechans at citiz.net wrote:

>I am new to Bioperl. I want to just copy some sequences out of an existing genbank file(multiple seq included).
>The selected sequences is still gb format and put to a new file.
>I received no warning and it worked well but the new file showed something strange.
>					/country="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x1bdc7a4)"
>                     /db_xref="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x1bdc9cc)"
>                     /mol_type="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x1bdca68)"
>                     /isolate="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x1bdc8ac)"
>                     /organism="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x1bdc954)"
>why it happened?
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