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Andrew Stewart astew at wam.umd.edu
Fri Aug 26 16:08:23 EDT 2005

Do many of you use bioperl-live as your primary (or exclusive) BioPerl 
distribution, or do you keep a stable version as well?

I'd like to use bioperl-live for instances such as this (see message 
history), but not necessarily for when I'm developing scripts that are 
going to be used by others in my lab who do not necessarily have 
bioperl-live installed.

What I'm thinking is that I should maybe install a copy of bioperl-live 
somewhere in my personal space, and then 'use' it in certain scripts 
when needed.  I just have a few questions (these are probably more 
'perl' questions than 'bio-perl' questions)...

1. Once I obtain bioperl-live via 'cvs -d :pserver etc...', do I need to 
actually go through the install routine or can I just access the modules 
from where they are downloaded?


2. Would I then place code at the header of my script such as...

use lib "/path/to/bioperl-live";

and the updated module will (temporarily) override the other bioperl 
modules in my @INC?

I tried this, actually, without any noticable change in my previous problem
(_print_GenBank... still prints the feature tabs as 
/tab="Bio::Annotation::SimpleValue=HASH(0x87f0914)" instead of 
/tab="value"), but I don't know for certain if perl was using the 
modules from my bioperl-live installation or the older ones.

-Andrew Stewart

Hilmar Lapp wrote:

>> On Aug 26, 2005, at 11:37 AM, Andrew Stewart wrote:
>>> Would it be possible to simply update the module which contains the 
>>> error (or are there multiple files?) rather than downgrade to 1.4 or 
>>> upgrade to the HEAD branch?
>>> -Andrew
> You could, e.g. using Jason's suggestion, but I don't know why you 
> wouldn't just want to upgrade to the main trunk. Currently, this is as 
> close as you can get to upgrading to 1.5.1., which is what you will 
> want to do anyway immediately once it's out.
>     -hilmar

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