[Bioperl-l] abi2xml a new parser for abi trace files

Erik Sjölund erik.sjolund at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 11:47:22 EST 2005

Bioperl contains a module to parse abi trace files, called



So you might be interested to know that a new command line utility has
been released


that converts abi trace files to xml files. This bioinformatics
utility is written in C++ and released under the GPL license. A perl
programmer could first convert the abi files to xml files and then
access the information over a DOM interface  or over XPATH. The
advantage with this over Bio::SeqIO::abi is to get access to more
information of the abi file. Like for instance the time when the
experiment was done. I don't think that is possible with
Bio::SeqIO:abi ( correct me if I'm wrong ).

Erik Sjölund

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