[Bioperl-l] need info

Richard Adams Richard.Adams at ed.ac.uk
Wed Dec 7 09:01:49 EST 2005

Hi Heikki,
Regarding looking for untested modules/tests,
how about parsing the *.t files,  parsing out the lines such as

ok $myvar->method1

and getting the class of the variable and making a hash of which public 
methods in each class are tested.
In this way the class of IO type instances will be the correct subclass 
and you can get this info independent of parsing the 'use module' statements
If a method is not in that class (ie is in a   superclass) then the 
inheritance hierarchy can be searched until the method is found and that 
method in the superclass ticked as 'tested'

If you like I could work up some pseudocode for it  for any comments,


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