[Bioperl-l] translating Sequence in 6 open reading frames

joecker at freenet.de joecker at freenet.de
Mon Dec 12 10:26:35 EST 2005

I try to use BioPerl for the translation of a sequence in 6 reading frames. 
The Sequence is stored in a variable. 
First I create a new Seq object with: 
my $seqobj = Bio::Seq->new ( -seq => $seq,
					   -alphabet  => 'DNA',
afterwards I use the package Bio::SeqUtils for translating:

 my $util = new Bio::SeqUtils
my $polypeptide_3char = Bio::SeqUtils->seq3($seqobj);
Bio::SeqUtils->seq3($seqobj, $polypeptide_3char);
my @seqs = Bio::SeqUtils->translate_6frames($seqobj);

Unfortunately I was not able to create the object. The program stops, but 
there is no error.
I hope someone can help me.

Thanks a lot for your help,

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