[Bioperl-l] Windows Installation help

Barry Moore bmoore at genetics.utah.edu
Tue Dec 13 16:25:54 EST 2005


What version and installation of perl? What version of Window?
Regardless of the above two questions if you have a perl recent enough
to pass perl's requirements (currently 5.005 - but note the caveat in
INSTALL) you should be able to build it with nmake.  I don't know
anything about MATLAB's attached version of perl - what is it?  Why
wouldn't it use an nmake installation of bioperl if you install it into
a path found in your @INC or you 'use lib ...' in your script etc.


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  I'm relatively new to the Perl world. I'm trying to install BioPerl on
windows machine (DOS, not Cygwin) in an attempt to make it work with
I tried using the ppm installer and find one of two problems

1. Using the syntax from the install.WIN file I tried
rep add bioperl http:/bioperl.org/DIST         and then
search bioperl.

This search always yields nothing. I get a "No matches for bioperl; see
'help search'"

After playing with this for a bit and trying all sorts of things I
to use

2. rep add ftp://ftp.bioperl.org/pub/DIST     and then
search bioperl                 yields a few packages. However
install [N] fails to install and yields
a 404 with "Failed to download .../File-Temp.ppd"

Why would the first fail and only the second recognize a few ppd
archives as
available? I tried looking at list archives and saw identical messages
Julian Dow almost two years ago -- but seem to find only recommendations
using Cygwin and no real fixes. Since this isn't really an option for me
(since I want to use it with MATLAB) I'm stuck trying to get this to
Is there something I'm missing? Pointers to information would be most
appreciated. If not, if someone has any info on how to get MATLAB's
version of perl to recognize a nmake install of bioperl, that would also
save my bacon.

Many thanks.

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