[Bioperl-l] blast doesn't work

Anders Stegmann anst at kvl.dk
Wed Dec 21 04:10:48 EST 2005

I have used bioperl blast many times before on redhat linux Os and windows PC with luck. 
I am now using SUSE 10.0 on my job and perl bptutorial.pl 22 returns: 
Beginning run_remoteblast example... 
submitted Blast job 
retrieving results... 
-------------------- WARNING --------------------- 
MSG: Possible error (1) while parsing BLAST report! 
futhermore perl bptutorial.pl 23 returns: 
Beginning run_standaloneblast example... 
blastall program not found. Skipping StandAloneBlast example 
I have tried to install it all again (Bundle + Bioperl) manually and set the enviroment variable like: 
export BLASTDIR=/usr/local/blast 
in my bash shell, but it didn't change much. This blast dir is a separate blast program I have downloaded from NCBI that works outside bioperl. 
I have asked my administrator but no luck. 
I figure it has something to do with setting the enviroment variable, but I just don't know where else to set it! 

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