Svar: Re: [Bioperl-l] tblastn, retrieving no match Aa from subject string

Anders Stegmann anst at
Wed Dec 28 13:08:32 EST 2005

Thanks again, it helped!

I have two related questions:

1) how can I tell if my translated protein is a reverse complement derived from a gene on the opposite chromosome strand? 

2) why do I get the position and type of the substituted Aa when I blast the protein against its own gene seq, when I only get a position when it is blasted against a chromosome seq? (just out of curiousity)


>>> Brian Osborne <osborne1 at> 27-12-05 23:52 >>>

First, think about 3 * 349793...

Brian O.

On 12/27/05 5:15 PM, "Anders Stegmann" <anst at> wrote:

> I get 349793 which I can't explain.
> what is this number telling me?

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